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the Doctor
1 January 1980
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The Doctor Is In

There is always a doctor. From the beginning until now, the global village that is the Earth requires her shaman. The reason your chest is hurting, little doctor, is because the planet now turns where your heart once was.

Jeroen (pronounded YEH-rune) Thornedike, though he tends not to give his name to people
Age:25, or, alternately, about as old as man's presence on the Earth
Occupation:Global shaman/superhero/celebrity/fuck-up
Physical Appearance:When on the job, the Doctor dresses in a rather bizarre outfit that consists of boots and gloves and a heavy coat or vest belted with many pouches. The coat is of a purple fabric (for lack of a better word) that doesn't really seem to obey the laws of physics for how light should reflect off it. It is possible to get a headache if you look at it for too long.

Jeroen would say he is never "off" the job anymore, but when he does dress in civvies they tend to be very simple: jeans and a t-shirt or a sweater. Haut couture it's not. Even when in civvies, however, he does not take off his red goggles.

Jeroen is of average height, about 5'10" or 5'11", but his gangly limbs and somewhat hunched shoulders can make him appear either taller or shorter depending on his slouch. He's definitely on the skinny side. He has red hair that does not behave and is normally in possession of at least a day or so's worth of unflattering stubble. One has the sense that, in another life-- one that did not feature several mental breakdowns, years of chronic substance abuse, and the stress of a day-to-day-job being one of seven rags in the cosmic wringer-- he might have been good-looking, attractive. As it is, he is not somebody you would want to take home to mother.

His voice tends to be a bit raspy, partly from drug abuse and partly because he doesn't speak much more than he has to. That said, it's not unpleasant, largely because of his mild-but-noticeable Dutch accent, which lends a nice lilt to his speech.

Jeroen fidgets. A lot.
Background:Jeroen Thornedike was a bright young man who was "a multimedia millionaire by twelve, a dot-com billionaire by twenty, and staring into space in a psychiatric home by the age of twenty-one". He gave away his billions in an attempt to live a halfway normal, and very quiet, life and recover from his mental breakdown. Naturally, this is the point at which the powers that be decided to dump cosmic-level superpowers on him.

The exact criteria for what qualifies someone to be chosen for the mystical role of being the Doctor are unknown, although a big component seems to be that the person must not actually want the powers at all. By that standard, Jeroen is the absolute perfect candidate.

He spent months trying to deny he even had them, holed up in his Amsterdam flat emerging only for porn and drugs. He might have continued doing so indefinitely had not Jenny Sparks gotten it into her head that he was going to join her superhero team. The first time she attempted to ask him about this, he refused, and finally teleported her out of his apartment (sans the cigarettes that were in her pocket) in order to get her to leave him alone.

The second time, Jenny shot herself in the head in front of him.

As she had intended, this successfully guilted the reluctant young shaman into using his powers to resurrect her. The stunt also took a year off the planet's lifespan, which the Doctor angrily informed Sparks of. Sparks replied with, "Got you over your stage fright, didn't it?"

To which the Doctor muttered darkly but, yes, agreed to join the Authority.

While arguably the most powerful member of the Authority-- a team which regularly handles threats on a global level-- the Doctor is also the one who has the most trouble acclimating to the high-profile and high-threat world they all live in now. Unlike every other member, he has had no military or combat or tactics training of any kind; his brain is not augmented to predict a fight scene, nor is his psyche trained to handle the continued pyrotechnic violence of life as one of the world's premiere superteams. Jeroen is by his own admission a coward, and gets along with his teammates awkwardly at best and with their active contempt at worst. The fact that he continues to have an on-again, off-again drug usage problem doesn't help this situation.
Powers:As the Doctor, Jeroen's powers are practically without limitation. While apparently magical in nature, his abilities require nothing more than the focus of his will to substantially alter reality. Essentially, if he can phrase something convincingly enough to himself, it will happen. Exceptionally powerful feats do take a toll on both Jeroen and the Earth's ecosystem. Jeroen has shown himself capable of resurrecting the dead, of flight without any apparent attention paid to the laws of physics, and especially of transmuting things on a molecular level-- a horde of attacking clones was turned into a rainforest in LA, fighter jets were turned into roses, and so forth.

Given the much greater levels of power displayed by the Renegade Doctor (one of Jeroen's predecessors), who was shown to be capable of time travel and many other reality-altering abilities, there appears to be no theoretical upper limit on what a Doctor is capable of, only a psychological one.

More specifically, it is established in canon that a Doctor has fifteen more senses than an average human's, including an empathy for all living things; that a Doctor can speak all human languages; and, importantly, that a Doctor has access to another dimension known as the Garden of Ancestral Memory, where all previous incarnations of the Doctor exist and can be consulted for advice.

Or, in Jeroen's case, be frequently told how badly he's screwing things up.

The old Doctor was much better than this. Shamans live outside the village but the old one was good at pretending. This one can't.

This one is so far outside the village that Melanctha is actually part of it in his eyes.

--Far From the Village, by bennysparks

OOC notes: I am obviously not the Doctor, who is a fictional character from the Authority comic book series. I am merely playing with him because I have a weakness for Dutch junkies who save the world.

As regards characterization, I tend to pick and choose things I like and avoid things I really do NOT like from the comics. Basically anything in the Secret History of the Authority and early Authority is sacred canon for this Jeroen.

I'm somewhat less enthused about things like his ignoble departure from the world.

The Doctor is from the Authority. It is not a kiddie book. There will be adult content in this journal. You are teh warned.

Dislikes: 19: angie's contempt, apollo's wholesomeness, being a fuck-up, being afraid, being crazy, cat food, disappointing jenny, delirium tremens, getting hit, hacking up blood, having to be high to function, jack's self-righteousness, jenny's penchant for threatening me, midnighter's sadism, migraines, my so-called teammates, shen's unspoken superiority, withdrawal.